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Get everything you need to make your swimming pool experience that much more enjoyable from Pools by Cory. 

Pool Heaters

Pools by Cory provides installation and repair services for pool heat pumps, solar and gas systems. We provide efficient and innovative solutions to our clients by working with leading industry brands, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC specialists. Whether you need a new heating system or repairs to an existing one (heat pump, solar, gas, or electric), our highly skilled technicians can help.

We also offer pool heater installation service that maximizes your pleasure and minimizes your operating costs. Our models come in various sizes and price points, so you can find the one that meets your needs. Our expert technicians conduct a comprehensive sizing analysis to determine the size of the pool heater. 

In addition, we offer pool heater repair services at the most affordable cost. Before starting the work, we will inspect the equipment, identify the problem and provide you with an honest quote so you can make the best decision for your budget.


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Pool Pumps

The pool pump experts at Pools by Cory strive to ensure that your pool pump lasts for as long as possible. 


Our technicians guide you through the process of choosing the best pump to replace your current one. This process requires an in-depth knowledge of the options available, the hydraulic system, and the current enforcement of Indiana law about energy efficiency.

Our pump installation services include:

  • Variable Speed Pumps
  • Replacement of Valves and plumbing
  • Single Speed “Feature” Pumps
  • Energy Efficiency Calculator
  • Electrical and Bonding
  • Repositioning of Equipment Pad Layout
  • Connectivity with Automation


    Pool Filters

    At Pools by Cory, we provide pool filter repair services all over Central Indiana. Whether a cartridge needs to be changed or a leaky filter repaired, our certified pool experts have the tools and knowledge needed to handle every job. Whether you have a sand filter, a DE filter, or a cartridge filter, you can count on us to ensure that your swimming pool is equipped with a quality filter.

    When you choose your new filter, our licensed professionals will install it for you and ensure that it is working properly. 

    But our services don’t stop there! We also offer leak and broken filter repair services to our customers. Whether you have filter leaks, short cycles, or clogged filters, our team can provide reliable swimming pool repair service for your home or business.


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      Pool Repair

      Our pool repair technicians are focused on adequately diagnosing any equipment issues and offering the best possible options for resolution while keeping in mind our clients’ budget, timeline, and demand. We take pride in extending the life of a client’s current pool by utilizing the best blend of men and machinery.

      Our pool repair services include:

      • Vinyl Liner Replacement
      • Installation of High-Temperature Plumbing Unions
      • Pool Resurfacing
      • Water Feature Repairs
      • Capacitor Replacement
      • Replacement of Internal Parts (Impellers, Seal Plates, Diffusers, etc.)



          Frequently Asked Questions

          How do I know if I have a leak in my pool plumbing?

          Knowing where a leak is sprouting doesn’t have to be difficult. It can either be coming from your return or from your jets. To help you diagnose the problem, call Pools by Cory. We’ll run some simple diagnostics to determine where you’re pool is leaking. 

          How do I know if my Pool return is clogged?

          The biggest indicator your return skimmer is clogged with either air or debris is the water pump sounds unusually loud but the pressure is low. Another sign is water intake to the skimmer is slow, even when the basket is empty. 

          Where do most inground pool leaks occur?

          An underground water leak is a pool owner’s worst nightmare. However, most water leaks don’t occur under your pool. Instead, they occur within the above ground system. Leaks can happen around the water pump or even in your water flow lines. 

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