Pool Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your pool clean and your water crystal clear with regular pool maintenance from Pools by Cory! 

Weekly Maintenance

Can’t find the time to maintain your pool? Cory’s team will establish a custom pool maintenance schedule to ensure your swimming hole is adequately maintained throughout the year. Our pool maintenance specialists will assess the maintenance needs of your family swimming pool. Our team checks your pool pump and filter every time we clean it to ensure that it works properly.

Our Pool Cleaning Services include:

  • Pool Skimming
  • Pool Vacuuming
  • Pool Brushing
  • Empty Skimmer Basket
  • Back Flush Filters
  • Water Test
  • Balance Water Chemistry
  • Check Water Circulation

Our chemical treatment program takes care of your pool’s chemical needs. Once a week, our technicians come to your pool to test and treat it with all the necessary chemicals needed to maintain its look.

We provide water management services to customers who want complete control over everything related to pool cleaning but don’t want to transport, store, or administer the appropriate amount of chemicals.


Pool Renovations

Cory’s specializes in the renovation of swimming pools. Our years of experience allow us to renovate any indoor or outdoor pool with the right tools and knowledge!

Pools by Cory offers you the remodeling services you need to transform your pool into an impressive addition to your property. We offer experienced design consultants and affordable luxury upgrades, so you can transform your old pool into a new one. 

We offer various pool renovation and remodeling services, including adding playful water features, beautiful rock décor, or even doing a complete resurfacing. 

Moreover, our customization options for your pool remodel include high-quality finishes, durable tiling, coping and deck surfacing, elegant lighting features, and more. Whether you need a minor repair or a total pool remodel, our team can assist you every step of the way. Our pool professionals can do it all!



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you have to test the water weekly?

    Testing the water regularly ensures we aren’t over or under-treating it. Balanced chemicals keep the water crystal clear, pool equipment in great shape, and prevent skin or eye irritations. Additionally, a balanced pool prevents the growth of algae on surfaces. 

    My Pool water cloudy. What should I do?

    Cloudy water in your pool could have various causes. Often the pH or alkalinity is too high. Other causes can include inorganic contaminants or poor filtration. It’s important that you call us if your pool water is every cloudy.   

    What is proper PH or alkalinity levels for a pool?

    Pool water should have a pH level of 7.4 to 7.6. Total alkalinity should range from  100-150 ppm. Keeping levels within optimal range makes your swimming pool safe to use. It also make sure everyone in your family has an enjoyable pooling experience.

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