Pools by Cory can assist you with all of your pool opening and closing needs, whether it is the beginning of the swimming pool season or the end of the season. 

Pool Openings

Our expert team will handle all the hassle of opening your traditional pool or saltwater pool, letting you enjoy the swimming season.

All Pool openings Include:

  • Remove winter plugs
  • Remove and clean winter cover
  • Fold and roll winter cover for storage
  • Install pool and spa fittings
  • Assemble pool equipment
  • Install deck equipment 
  • Startup equipment
  • Test all devices (e.g., pump, lights, heater, etc.)
  • Vacuum pool



Pool Closings

We will take care of everything involved in closing your pool, so you can rest assured that it is ready for the winter.

All Pool Closings Include:

  • Install winter cover
  • Test and balance water chemistry
  • Remove and store deck equipment
  • Winterize lines and install winter plugs
  • Winterize all pool equipment
  • Add closing chemicals
  • Drain pool to proper winterizing level


Frequently Asked Questions

WHen is the best time to open my pool?

The best time to open your pool is when the daytime temperatures are consistently 70 degrees or warmer. This helps prevent algae and bacteria growth. For most in Central Indiana, mid- to late-May is the ideal time to open the pool.

How long do you have to wait to swim?

We recommend you wait until your water levels are balanced, the pool has been thoroughly cleaned, and it’s been at least 4 hours since your last liquid chlorine treatment. We also recommend you wait until the water warms up! Brrrrr!

When Should I close my pool for the season?

Similar to opening your pool, you’ll want to wait until daytime temperatures are consistently in the 60s. This is usually in mid-to late fall. Some homeowners with heated pools can get away with not closing until right before the holidays. 

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