Automatic Pool Covers

With the AutoGuard system, you’ll get 365 days of the safety you need and the convenience you want.

Whether you need an automatic pool cover installed as part of new pool construction or want to add a cover to an existing pool, our goal is to make the entire installation process as convenient as possible. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large in-ground pool, our automatic safety covers are safe, reliable, and can be adapted to fit ANY shape or size. Additionally, they are easy to operate – Open or close your automatic pool cover within seconds with the push of a button. The auto cover creates an impenetrable barrier capable of holding at least 485 pounds of weight – The equivalent of two adults and one child. Pools by Cory installs the most durable and safest automatic pool cover brands to offer the best to our clients.

From the fabric colors to the tracks, our automatic safety covers will match the style and design of your pools to add an aesthetic touch of class and elegance to your poolside.

Color Selection

We believe a pool cover should be three things: safe, durable and unobtrusive. In addition to having the industry’s longest life expectancy, our covers can withstand thousands of pounds. And to beautifully integrate our covers into your pool area, we offer a palette of eight colors to choose from.

pool cover colors

About this Process

We take pride in providing a safer and more efficient environment for pool owners. Our automatic pool covers open and close at the touch of a button, encouraging heat retention, chemical savings, and a longer swimming season – All with an unobtrusive design that will never clash with your landscaping!

Pools by Cory will come out and get exact measurements of your pool, help you choose a cover that matches your outdoor aesthetic and the put the order in for your automatic cover.

Once the cover arrives, we’ll be back to install the guide rail, cover, and mechanical mechanisms that allow you to control your cover. We’ll leave you with a brand new durable safety feature. 

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automatic pool covers

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Let’s Build Something Together

Pools by Cory helps protect your indoor and outdoor swimming experiences.

Is it okay to walk on an automatic pool cover?

Yes. Our pool covers are safe enough for you to walk across. In fact, they can handle up to 485 lbs or the equivalent of two adults and one child. 

What shape does my pool have to be for an automatic cover?

Pools by Cory offers automatic pool covers for any shape and size pool. 

How do I care for an automatic cover?

To keep your automatic cover in good condition, keep the system free of debris and dirt. Pools by Cory offers a maintenance service, so if you don’t want to worry about caring for your automatic cover, get in touch with us!

Can an automatic pool cover save me money?

Yes, an automatic pool cover can save you money on water and energy waste. Not only does the cover trap heat, but it also prevents the water from evaporating. Automatic covers also help lower water maintenance costs by preventing debris, animals, and the natural elements from contaminating the water. 

When should I replace my fabric?

If you start to notice that your cover canvas is breaking down, tearing, or the seams are unraveling, it’s time for a new fabric. Pools by Cory can easily replace this for you!

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